Trans Royal inneo - Textile-Transfer Paper

trans royal inneo

The laser transfer paper for dry resin high speed color copiers and printers

Trans Royal inneo allows you to transferring individually on white and light colored garments, like t-shirts, mouse pads, caps etc.


heat resistant – easy handling – high reliability

Trans Royal inneo is developed for the high speed color copiers and printers which do not use fuser oil. It is very easy to handle and guarantees high reliability on this machines.


color brilliance – transparent coating film – soft hand

Trans Royal inneo offers a brilliant color intensity. The coating film is transparent, thin and has a soft touch. This transfer paper shows the best washing results.


  • 25-30 sec
  • 195°C · 385°F
  • heavy pressure
  • always peel after 5 - 8 sec.

Cover the image with a silicone or baking paper and press again for 6 sec.


  • Mirror the image
  • Change printer/copier settings to „Heavy paper mode“
  • Print only onto the coated side (blank)


Max. wash at 40°C · Turn the garment inside out · Do not bleach

Do not iron the transferred area directly, please cover the image with a baking paper

Temperatures in Fahrenheit and thicknesses in mil are given as approximate values. All data are standard values. The information in this specification sheet is based on findings obtained in practice. Because of the high number of factors which can have an effect during handling and application, customer tests will be required. A legally binding guarantee of specific properties is not to be inferred form our specifications. The information given here may be subject to change without notice.