HP Indigo

Heat transfer paper for digital offset presses such as HP INDIGO

print features

optimum flat-lying passing the printer

Trans Royal max runs without exception on digital offset presses such as HP INDIGO

peeling off

easy to peel

Trans Royal max has characteristic of a very soft peeling off from the material used to print on.

brilliant & soft

colour brilliance - transparent margins - soft touch

Trans Royal max has a brilliant colour intensity of the textual and pictorial motivs because of high quality colours transfer.

high washability

high washing resistance - up to 60°C - ironable on both sides

Trans Royal max - no loss of colour after washing the T-shirt several times.


  • 180°C - 360°F
  • 12 - 15 sec.
  • heavy pressure
  • always peel after3 - 5 sec.


Cover the image with a silicone or baking paper and press again for 6 sec.