FREE style Dark - self-weeding laser transfer paper

The laser self-weeding transfer paper solution for dark colored garments


self-weeding – two-step system – different garments

FREE style Dark is self-weeding and there is no need to trim the paper. The transfer paper works on various garments like cotton, cotton blends and 100% polyester.

easy handling – brilliant colors – soft hand

FREE style Dark is designed to transfer isolated full color images, letters and numbers without trimming the paper. It only needs two steps to transfer the image onto the garment.

FREE style Dark offers brilliant colors and soft hand without leaving any background coating film. The justification of the transparent transfer sheet on fabric is very easy.

print features

FREE style Dark runs without exceptions on all OKI White Toner Printers.

printer settings

  • White toner opacity: -3
  • Paper tray: Multi-purpose Tray
  • Paper mode: Transparency
  • Mirror image: yes
  • Printable Film: matted side

heat press settings

  • Pressure: medium (2-3 bar)
  • Temperature: 150°C / 305°F - 160°C / 320°F


First step:

  • Place the printed transfer sheet onto the heat press and cover it with the white booster sheet and press for 60 sec.
  • Peel the white booster sheet after 3 to 10 sec. in a slow motion (do not remove the paper from the heat press while peeling)

Second step:

  • Place the transfer sheet onto the garment and press for 30 to 60 sec. Remove the garment from the heat press and let it cool down. Peel the transfer sheet always cold.
  • Cover the transferred image with a silicone paper (baking paper) and press again for 15 sec. to increase the durability


Max. wash at 40°C - Do not tumble dry - Do not bleach - Do not iron the transferred area directly, please cover the image with a baking paper.