PREMIUM style - textile transfer paper

premium style

High End laser transfer paper for white and light colored fabrics. Designed for fuser oil-free color printers and copiers.


innovative raw materials - modern production mode

The use of use of innovative raw materials and a modern production mode set new standards in functionally, reliability and durability. This transfer paper guaranties a fast, economical and easy production of high quality promotional items such as t-shirts, caps, bags, mouse pads etc.


solid transfer image – easy peeling – soft hand – excellent washability

PREMIUM style offers brilliant and accurate in every detail colors and contours. The peeling off is very easy. A solid image, soft hand touch and a long durability are further outstanding features.


Mirror the image and change settings to „Heavy Paper" or „Labels"


  • 190°C · 375°F for 20 sec.
  • medium/high pressure
  • always peel after 4 - 6 sec. and stretch the t-shirt a little to get a softer hand touch


Up to 60°C/140°F . Do not use bleach or other cleaning agents

Temperatures in Fahrenheit and thicknesses in mil are given as approximate values. All data are standard values. The information in this specification sheet is based on findings obtained in practice. Because of the high number of factors which can have an effect during handling and application, customer tests will be required. A legally binding guarantee of specific properties is not to be inferred form our specifications. The information given here may be subject to change without notice.