FREE style - self-weeding laser transfer paper

free style

The laser one-step and self-weeding transfer paper solution for white and light colored garments


self-weeding - one-step process - different garments

FREE style is self-weeding and there is no need to trim the paper. The transfer paper works on various garments like cotton, cotton blends, 100% polyester and leather.
Save production costs and time by using FREE style instead of screen printing and flex foils. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

copy and print features

for fuser oil-based & oil-free printers and copiers

FREE style runs without exception on all color copiers and printers which use fuser oil and most of oil-free machines.

easy handling - brilliant & soft hand

FREE style is designed to transfer isolated full color graphics, letters and numbers without trimming the paper. It only needs one step to transfer the image onto the garment. FREE style offers brilliant colors and soft hand without leaving any background coating film. For tranferring square pictures we recommend to use Trans Royal max or Trans Royal inneo.


high washability

FREE style offers high durability with no loss of color after washing the fabrics several times.


  • 165°C - 330°F for 30 Sec or 170°C - 340°F for 25 Sec
  • medium/high pressure
  • always peel after 4 - 8 sec.

Cover the image with a silicone or baking paper and press again for 15-30 sec.


  • Mirror the image
  • Change printer/copier settings to „Heavy paper mode“
  • Print only onto the coated side (blank)


Max. wash at 40°C - Do not tumble dry - Do not bleach - Do not iron the transferred area directly, please cover the image with a baking paper

Temperatures in Fahrenheit and thicknesses in mil are given as approximate values. All data are standard values. The information in this specification sheet is based on findings obtained in practice. Because of the high number of factors which can have an effect during handling and application, customer tests will be required. A legally binding guarantee of specific properties is not to be inferred form our specifications. The information given here may be subject to change without notice.